Official Science Club

GEEKONIX is the official science & technology club of Techno Main Salt Lake. It was formed back in 2004 with the sole purpose of providing students with opportunities for enhancing their creativity and developing a pathway for exposure for those zealous in the technical field and to create technical awareness amongst the students. With time,Geekonix has grown into a centre of innovation and technical expertise.Since its inception, it has played a major role in undertaking various intra and inter college activities in the college including succesfully organising the official technical fest of the college EDGE since 2007.

The various activities undertaken by the club includes Robotics, Programming & Coding, Publishing the annual magazine of the college “Grafitti” and organizing various intra college events as well as the annual Technical Fest of the college, EDGE.

We at GEEKONIX help the blossoming of talents with guidance and mentorship to students of Techno India, conducting regular workshops, seminars, one-on-one sessions and competitive activities throughout the year. With a fledging Robotics club like ROBOPALZ, a coding & programming club CUrBrain, Graffiti etc. GEEKONIX is taking major leaps ahead now.

Team Geekonix