Almost anybody in our country must have a 10 + 2 school education before stepping out and getting into higher education or a full-time profession or hobby. Interestingly, this is the time when she becomes major and acquires all the duties and rights of a citizen of India. Going for a choice about what to do, she is under a typical social pressure to choose in the descending order of studying medicine, engineering, law, science, commerce or going to earn her livelihood. This order remains same even for the first generation learners. This observation points to just one qualifier i.e., money. I, however, as an educator would like to look at the situation from my own feelings, which after many wild oscillations over the years have now stabilised. All the career options above are equally good for serving our countrymen if there is a will. As far as serving oneself is concerned, applied sciences win hands down. What applied sciences have done in our lives in the last five hundred years of industrial revolution look like tsunami waves compared to the stagnant pool water of thirty thousand years of sapient existence. Laws of physics attract us because they drive our transport. Laws of chemistry attract us because they give us our vaccines. Laws of economics work because there are the factories. I can go on but the moot point is that we immensely appreciate our own understanding when we are actually able to touch or feel what we we know. What better is there then other than the study of medicine and engineering. There are 80 lakhs engineers now in India. This number is an asset and not a liability. When the government says India has the largest young workforce, government is looking at this number and aiming to make it the greatest weapon of change. We teachers of all the engineering colleges in india are duty-bound to ourselves and the nation to make it a reality.

Best Wishes
Prof. (Dr.) Avijit Kar