Official Cultural Club : Anakhronos

Anakhronos is the Annual Cultural Festival of Techno Main Salt Lake. It is held every year. It is one of the biggest fest in Kolkata with a cumulative footfall of around 25,000.

Anakhronos consists of a plethora of highly challenging competitions providing a platform that seamlessly encourages talent, creativity, confidence and innovation among the competitors.

In past, Anakhronos has been a stage for the most unique and entertaining performances in India. Some of the most outstanding performances over the past few years are those by Euphoria, Strings, Pentagram, KK, Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala, Fossils, Parikrama, Spunk, Axe-Tortion, Usha Uttup, Chandrabindoo, Abhijeet, Parashpathor, Cactus and many many more.